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At the core of the brand lies a perpetual state of motion, of defining and redefining, of experiment and extension.

At Syzmic, there is an open-minded approach to design with no singular idea in mind. What begins as an embryonic concept is developed via 3D techniques and hand methods. Sculpting, draping and reducing until it morphs into being. An anatomical way of tailoring, almost mathematical in nature. All guided by reason and

Our debut collection explores the concept of hylozoism, which is the belief that there is life in all matter, including the objects we wear. What we adorn is essentially a part of us, worn not to imprison but to transfigure us. Body and object form a relationship - mutually shaping and imprinting each other. There is no story to the object without the wearer and vice versa.

Fia Eng & Bruno Laignel

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